Monday, August 1, 2016

Andamann Islands April 2016

With the success to our latest trip to the Andaman last year the Kuwait group could not resist booking a trip for 2016.
Darran and the guys greeted upon our arrival to Port Blair airport and off to the lodge to be surprised by the change that took place, fascinated was an understatement.
they turned the place upside down and changed everything, I mean everything and they sure did a good job, so a big congrats goes to all involved!
On our first day both boats stayed close to each other’s and we fished the same spots, we saw some big fish coming up to the lure but none of the guys were ready yet, still manage to have great time and good fishing on board.
We were hoping for the yellowfin tuna to show up but seems to have a late start this year we basically tried every day and we landed some of the smaller class fish.
The fishing was just like switch and related to current tide, when the majestic hour arrive the fishing was off the hook, we landed 64 GT’s on our second day between 2 boats with the biggest one close to the 22kg, it was a none stop action and we took advantage of it to the end.
The jigging was insane and I have to say that I enjoyed my lighter set up and get a kick out of it, so many good opportunity and descent size fish with no chance to land them.
The smaller size jigs that range from 50g to 150g did the trick and for some reason those fish deep under wanted the smaller size jigs.
we made a trip to invisible bank but were disappointed, there was no current whatsoever and decided to head back to give a shot around Havelock island that resulted with good fishing and endless schools od fusilier getting harassed by GT’s.
 I have to say that the guys enjoyed the fishing and the good humor on board and they were happy and satisfied at the end of the trip.
I want to thank Game Fishing Asia for their service and hospitality, thank you guys!
Tackle used:
Rod: Carpenter, Race Point, El Maestro, Xzoga, Smith
reel: Shimano, Daiwa, Accurate
Lure: Shell Shaping, Pelagic Warrior, Hammerhead, Siren, Carpenter,
Line: Varivas SMP, Power Pro Hollow
Leader: Fisherman, Varivas

   Tight lines