Monday, August 3, 2015

Father Day Fluke Fishing, June 2015

I have come to a conclusion to appreciate a day like today!
I organize trips to all over the world, bring customers to dream destinations, share my knowledge and experience but I have never thought, how fun it is to bring a smile on my kids’ faces.

It all started 2 month ago when my son Nikita start begging to go fishing this summer so I end up promising him that I will do something for him but he couldn’t wait and he end up with a bamboo stick in his hand a line and he manage to catch his first fresh water fish on his own,
 I was a bit surprised but happy, I knew then it is time..
Tom passed by the shop a week ago and invited us to come to fish with him in the Hamptons.
The boys were excited and at 6:00AM both dressed up and ready with cloudy skies and rain on the forecast.
I was optimistic that the weather is going to clear and we are going to have fun,
we were not disappointed and the boys manage to get their first fluke keeper on the first drift.
The smiles on their faces and the pride was priceless, they sure earn it and they proved to have the fishing madness in their vain, I was really happy to see it and will sure remember my father’s day gift
for the rest of my life, I can’t wait to see them joining me in the future for GT’s and Tuna,
I wanted to thank Tom and his wife for his generosity and for having us as a guest at their house, the boys enjoyed the food and pool, Thank you guys J

Tight lines