Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Corpus Christi Texas 56hr Trip

The trip that was planned a month ago finally happened!
Four fishing hungry blokes from New York (Jose, Sami, Tom and myself) made our way to Corpus Christi and met up with Chris from Hot’s equally hungry for some Tuna action.
Loaded up our rental truck with food and off to Port Aransas. We were warmly welcomed by the Texan hospitality and met up with some friends whom we have not seen for ages.
It was good to be in Texas, the weather was beautiful and warm and for the next 56 hour, we will be fishing onboard the Scat Cat some 150 nautical miles offshore.
The 15-hour boat ride to Perdido rig was long and rough but the seas started to calm down as soon as we reached the floating rig a very very big RIG.
They were not wrong when they say everything is big in Texas.
Daylight was still a couple of hours away so we started casting in the dark with big lures and poppers trying to get the YFTs to come up.
For the next 16 hours we were loading up the boat with YFTs ranging from 40lbs – 120lbs (guesstimate) and for some of us lucky few, limited out before sunrise.
We were bringing in these fishes at lightning speed and the tackle we brought were all performing at their optimum keeping the tunas away from the 80 feet long catamaran hull.
When we were done with the limits with everyone onboard, we headed to a different rig for some bottom fishing.
The next spot yielded vermillion snappers, groupers, blue runners, amberjacks, jack crevalles, makos and even a big squid!
When it was time to go, everyone shared food, drinks, stories and experiences on the open deck enjoying the beautiful weather for the last 5 hours of our journey.
Thumbs up to the Scat Cat crew, Fred and Steve who helped us with the logistics and all the information about fishing in Texas.
Kevin for the zip lock bags at the fillet station!!!
Mark for the directions, which saved us from getting lost.
Thank you everyone who was on this fantabulous trip, we will be back!
Tackle used,
Rods – MC Works, Saltywater Tackle Race Point 200, 250, Saltywater Tackle Prototype Jigging Rod, Spinal Rods,Hot’s, Valleyhill Exploder, Yamaga Blanks.
Reel – Shimano Stella, Trinidad, Daiwa Saltiga, Studio Ocean Mark.
Jigs and Lures – Craft Bait, CB One, Hot’s, Moutoukenmaru, TB Lures, Siren Lures, Tackle House Shibuki, Deep Liner, Shout.
Lines and Leader – Sunline, YGK, Shout Sasame, Varivas, Yozuri.
Now for the photos!

Tight Lines!
Saltywater Tackle.