Tuesday, May 4, 2010

North Carolina with Dad! 20th April 2010

Sorry for being stagnant the past few weeks.
Work was piling and dad was in town!
Did what i always wanted to do, bring him Jigging in North Carolina.
D day - 20th April...
Dad aka Joe, Sami, Ilya, Evan and myself drove 10hours *yes...10 hours again* to AJ mecca North Carolina.
Captain Mike of Liveline Charters greeted us at 0545am and we head out straight to the AJ grounds.
Weather was great, seas were calm and fishes were hungry!
We started fishing from 0730 and was greeted by the usual AJs no biggies this time but we had a blast!
Amberjacks, African Pompanos, Groupers, Almacos, Black Fin Tunas and Sharks were everywhere!
Many AJs were lost due to sharks attacks, Ilya caught the 2 Pompanos and Grouper of the trip.
Evan landed the bigest Aj of the trip estimated at 70lb.
Dad, Sami and myself had our fair share of AJs in the 20s to 40s.
The highlight was actually the Black fins! They were chasing after flying fish and were leaping 6ft out of the water. Topwater lures started whizzing in all direction and Black fins were landed one after another.
It was pretty late when we actually headed back to the dock.
Thank you Captain Mike for the extended stay in the water,  thank you for being so accomodating, my dad can't wait to fish with you again!
Now for the pics.
Cheers and Tightlines,