Friday, February 18, 2011

Hatteras Feb 9th 2011 Bluefin Tuna catch report.

Here's a short report of the trip i made with Igor, Basil, Bob, Jay and Mati on the Tuna Duck with Captain Dan and First mate Mike.
It was blowing 15-20kts when we left the dock at 6am.
Sailed to the tuna ground but no signs of them and were greeted by only False Albies, "this ain't what we came for" said Dan and we left for another spot, jig jig jig up came the Amberjacks at the end of everyones line, "this ain't what we came for either" said Dan and we left in search for what we came for, Blue Fin Tuna. Fishing was pretty slow that day and we went circling for hours untill at about 2:30pm i pointed to Dan that there were birds working in a distance and he went straight towards the commotion, as soon as he throttled down, i casted towards the birds and my Craft Bait Real Bait instantly got slammed, Fish On! My trusty Race Point started bending forward and the Shimano Stella started screaming. After about 10mins the 61" 120lbs (bled and weighted at the dock) fish was subdued, Basil had a hook up only to have his reel shaft snap from the body when he was setting the hook. Mati our good friend from overseas had a fish to the boat for a clean release when the Souls Hibiki lure hooked pulled alongside the boat. we left for the dock at 4:30pm which was an extra hour and a half of the usual 3pm. Thank you Igor for rounding the guys for the trip, and to everyone on the boat, we shall fish again really soon!
Captain Dan and Mike thank you for everything and the extra time spent, really appreciate it!

Tackle used,
Rod - Race Point, MC Works, Souls, Hot's Gipang, Black Hole, Fisherman.
Reels - Stellas, Accurates, Talica.
Lures - Craft Bait, OTI, Souls Hibiki and some rubber lures that Bob and Jay was using.
Lines - Sunline, Varivas, Jerry Brown.
Here are the pics.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hatteras, North Carolina Feb 6th & 7th

In the past 3 years I tangled up with a couple of monster fish to lose them after a brutal battle. That left a sad memory but later I found out that things meant to be that way for the best of interest.

I thank God for that, and I thank God for having a great wife and kids that they pray for me and believe in what I do.
I have to admit that this time I encountered one of the best tuna bites in my career and what meant to be a 1 day fishing end up to be 2 days with a big pay off!
Dan Rooks from Tuna Duck was our Captain with his first mate Mike.
The anglers consist of: Milton, Mati, Evan, Arkady Raymond and I for the first day,
We landed multiple fish on the jigs and lost some but the highlight was when the afternoon bite spread wide open with tuna busting on top water.
I took the step and moved to the bow and made my first cast to the edge of the school to see my Moutoukenmaru lure get inhaled. I set the hook twice to see my lure disappeared with an amazing explosion.
The fish took off and in a split of a second my line broke; I found out later that my drag was set too high for the strike.
We went 8/15 on the first day with 5 on the jigs and 3 on stickbait. What more can you ask for?
while we were underway Arkady start to convince me to stay another day. I know that Mati had traveled a long way to fish for 1 day so i asked the guys if they are willing to stay.
Some had to go to work, so we end up with 4 crew for the next day - Arkady, Mati, Evan, and I to get a call later at 11:30pm from Shawn stating he can come fish with us as well.
We made our way straight to where we marked the fish the day before to find out that there was no life, we jigged to no takers.
Captain Dan decided to make a drastic move and try his instinct.
We get to the area and right before we dropped our lines to start jigging, Dan shouted from the tower that the fish are busting on top water. I ran to the bow and he handed me the rod from the top And what i saw was beyond what i can describe! Many big pods busting and some hefty one as well. I look behind me and saw Arkady next to me. 2 lures made it to the water to get inhaled with a massive explosion and the fight was on!
The run was amazing, i could see half of the spool out in a split of a second. After 15 minutes Arkady land his fish estimated at 170lb while i am still fighting. I knew i had a bigger class fish and decided to take my time and put my effort into landing that fish.
When the fish made it to color and i saw what i have, i felt i am in trouble - especially when the fish all of a sudden realize it is close to the boat. She made another initial run and again slowly but surely and steady i start gaining line again. After a couple of attempts the fish made it to poon and Mike stuck it in!
Captain Dan came down from the tower to give us a hand to lift the fish but got intercepted by my hugs. I was in tears as all what i can see the hard work and the rough time that we passed through and it all paid off now. It was a quick flash back with a perfect ending!
I am glad that i put the abuse on the Race Point and landed a class of fish that was originally meant to land on that rod. My mission is accomplished. So now i will be in the process of looking to develop a rod to target the 300lb mark.
Our day was getting better when Shawn and Evan were On,
Unfortunately Shawn lost his fish after 20 to 25 minutes. The fish went ballistic when saw the boat and all i heard that the line popped up. I will let Shawn to shine in for us what happen exactly.
In the other corner we had Arkady and Evan both hooked up and both getting yelled and screamed at, sorry guys i didn't mean it but i wanted you guys to land the fish!
Arkady's fish made it to the deck estimated at 71 inches and Evan close to the 170lb mark.
We where all cheering each other and things felt like a chaos.
The fish shied away as the boat traffic start to increase. Captain Dan decided to put the spreader and give it a shoot to see if we can raise them. After a couple of minutes the fish attacked the spreader and i casted the Souls Hibikii and sawed it inhaled. The velocity of this class fish leave a mark on you. Those are good size fish, fought the fish to leader and released the fish to fight another day. All fish caught are being tagged, Captain Dan screamed "I am marking fish!" Shawn dropped his jig and boom - fish on!
Shawn landed his biggest fish ever after a brutal dirty fight. I have to admit that he did all what it takes, but the gear that he had was not made up to finish the task easily. He landed the fish, took a quick shot and for the first time i called the day off - it won't get any better and i wanted to leave in good spirit.
I thank Captain Dan to put us through the feed and i can't thank enough first mate Mike - you guys are first class, i thank you for giving me the opportunity to claim my trophy on your boat for 2011 season!
i can't ask for better 77 inches 230lb!!

Tight lines

Tackle used
Jigging Rods: MC-Works Southern blue 516SS, Southern Deep 538XX, Southern Blue 556MS, Valley Hill, Smith
Popping Rods: Souls, Race Point, Tokara60, Sevenseas Big Pop,
Reels: Stella 18000 & 20000 and 10000FA with 16000 Spool.
Lines: Sunline, Varivas SMP & GT Max,
Lures: Moutoukenmaru, Shimano Ocea, Meron, Souls Hibikii, Shell Shaping lures,T'B Lures.
Jigs: Deep Liner, Sevenseas Hooker,Shout, Komo.