Thursday, March 29, 2012

Saltywater Tackle last Bluefin Tuna Trip to Oregon Inlet, March 2012

Saltywater Tackle is proud to be part of the great fishery that we had this winter in North Carolina, We know for a fact that we end up pleasing many friends and customers and we left great memories and joy for many anglers, Many of them end up booking trips for 2013 before they even departed from North Carolina, This is our last Bluefin tuna report for North Carolina for 2012 as we have our eyes open on the Cape, he have a good feeling that the Cape will go on fire this year! Our last trip on the Sea Breeze with Captain Ned Ashby was a blast. I guided a family that flew all the way from Russia to experience Bluefin tuna fishing and boy they were not disappointed! The group consisted of: Igor and his wife Leyanna, their 18 years old son Genia and their friend Sergey. We took the drive with the AC on all the way from New York to North Carolina, the temperature was close to 75 degree giving me the warning signal of the Bluefin tuna migrations, the weather was in our favor in the beginning of the season and all of a sudden we get hit by the warm weather that put the fish into the migratory mood, However I still believed that Captain Ned will do his best to get us into the fish and he did!! The guys have never caught big fishes before, and with the tips and advises I gave them, it paid off big time, The morning of the 23rd was calm and warm but filled with Great Spirit, As soon we made it to the desired location and we were the first to arrive, Captain Ned shouted from the bridge calling the mark at 120feet, I dropped to 200 feet and give 4 to 5 crank and I get tight, the MC Works SD5310 was bend in half giving me the signal it is a big fish, the fish dumped half of the spool and settled down with a give and take for another 15 minutes until the line broke ( most likely due to another fish that run through the line) Not bad for a start! Then all of a sudden while blind casting Genia comes tight on topwater, the fish hit a Yambal GT Harrier in mahi color, the boy fought it like a champion and without any harness for a good 10 to 15 minutes and then he passed the rod to his father that ended up landing a nice 80 inch fish, it was a great moment to see the joy on their faces and I was glad to see them accomplish the task. We then moved in and while casting again Igor and Sergey get tight with massive fishes that hit their lures, Game on!! Sergey fail to set the hook from the excitement while Igor get the screaming from all of us to set the hook, his Daiwa Dogfight was screaming and smoking that we ran a hose to cool it down, By the time the fish settled he had a round 30 yards of line left on his reel, He struggled big time and the reel seemed to have seized at a certain time but the luck was on his favor, after close to 50 minutes he landed a nice fat 82 inch on the Race Point 250!! The boys had a couple of miss on that day and we end up going 2 out of 6 March 24th Same conditions and the sea is calm with warm temperature calling for short sleeves and shorts Made it to the fishing ground and get greeted with many boats with no signs of tuna, after an hour and while searching Captain Ned shouted from the top, be ready!! Tunas where sunbathing and nobody was around except us, I made the cast followed by Igor, 2 twitch and I see the fish charging followed by Igor fish, both fishes body’s where half way out of the water and I knew right way from the look that we have good size on our lines, The fight is on and after 14 minutes my fish made it to the gaff, the Race Point 200 claimed another 72 inch in North Carolina, Brooklyn will be fed good this week 12 minutes passed by and Igor manage to land his fish estimated at 67 inches on the Race Point 250, he fell in love with the rod that he end up buying 2 more as soon as he came back to Brooklyn Took some shots for the lovely day and thanked Captain Ned and first mate George for their effort, By the time we start taking pictures we had close to 6 boats around us We moved away and we spotted small pods again, we gave the shot to Sergey to see him getting dragged to the gunnels, his ASWB lure gets inhaled and game on, It took him close to 15 minutes to land a nice 64 inch, so far every person onboard manage to hook and land fishes, my job is done and I am relieved as I knew it is going to be tough but I guess somebody is up there watching for me!! We called the day off while cruising close to the Norwegian cruise boat thinking of docking side to side to check their buffet March 25th The boys from Brooklyn is joining what is going to be the last trip of the season for Saltywater Tackle in North Carolina and I am a bit worry as the tunas are on the move and the time is against us, Made it to the ground and beyond, Captain Ned end up putting close to 105 miles one way to find life, and we found a bit of life! I casted my Moutoukenmaru ahead of the porpoise and the charge of that small fish was insane, she hit with anger and manage to dump half of the spool! We saved the day and nailed a nice 60 inch fish to close the season!! All fishes been landed on single assist hook with 100% hook up ratio, I will do my best to implement this system on all our trip for successful releases. Thank you to all the guys that fished with us this season, we lead and we will keep on dominating the sea with our skills and time spend on the water!! A big thank you to Captain Ned Ashby and first mate George from Sea Breeze, Captain Brynner Parks and first mate Billy from Smoker, Captain Dan Rooks and first mate Mike from Tuna Duck, You guys made it possible for all of us, we share with you the unforgettable moments in our life and we thank you for all your effort, Tackle used: Rods: Race Point 200,250,300. Hot’s Tide Lez 77XXXH. Reels: Shimano Stella 18000 & 20000, Daiwa Dogfight and Daiwa 2010 model. Lures: Carpenter Gamma 160H, Moutoukenmaru, Carpenter Bluefish, ASWB, Yambal GT harrier, Line: Shout Sesame PE Premium, Sunline,Varivas Tight lines Sami