Friday, June 24, 2011

Musandam, Oman May 2011

Milton, Jose (Papa), Matt, Mark and I jumped in to fish with Ocean Active in Musandam,
Jose and I took the earlier flight and get greeted by Nick and FC at the airport to be followed later by Milton and Matt from Dubai,
We had a good start in the morning with a couple of hits and miss and the lion jaw offer his best with such a great flow of water, Matt was the first to score followed by a double hook up at “popper rock” until the current started to die down and we decided to give a shot at jigging, the jig bite was amazing with many bites and lost jigs, Milton was the first to land a small king fish followed by Jose that managed to get a very nice size fish and right at the boat side we saw a king fish charge Matt’s lure with a aerial acrobatics display until the hook came off and the fish gained it’s freedom, Milton also got an Indian mirror fish on jig, the day ended with great surface action and fish were busting all over the place,
On our second day and right as soon as we made it to the lion’s jaw we saw GT, Queen fish and big eye trevallies by the hundreds cruising under the boat and charging bait, it was a great 30 minutes of unforgettable action and we manage to land 4 GT all at the same time, we missed many other good opportunity that day until I get the chance to pull up a nice 42kg GT that made it to boat after huffing and puffing, the fish spooled me with a locked drag and reminded me how strong is the GT when they at charge you using the current to their advantage, from my experience I still believe that there is no other GTs in the world that could fight as hard as those in Musandam, took a quick snapshot and released the fish to fight another day, we called the day off and was greeted again halfway with busting fish on top water, we managed to land some Queen fish and Big eye Trevallies and some Mahis.
Matt fished with us for 2 days and the time came for his departure as tomorrow we have Mark flying from Qatar to fish with us for the rest of the trip,
I really had a great time fishing with Matt again and it was such a pleasure to have a comrade on board that shared with me one of the best GT trips that I have ever done (Southern Oman)
Our third day was such a hard day, Nick had joined us on board, I have to admit that our last 2 days were so slow, the fishes were there we had over 20 bites each day but we only manage to land 4 to 5 fish in the last 2 days resulting in a lot of aggravation, for some reason the hook up ratio was low and I believe that the fish where not committing to the lures all the way, we had a great time cooling down from the heat on the island and we had a great laugh at the villa between friends, it was such a great pleasure to see Milton setting down the hook and fighting those fish right in the middle of the boat using his body as a leverage, I thank Team Ocean Active for the great services received and hope to see you guys soon again, Musandam is in the heart!
Tackle used:
Rods:Saltywater tackle Race Point 250 & Prototype 200 in production, El Maestro (under testing), Carpenter DJ83ML & Light Advantage, Sevenseas Big Pop, MC-Works Southern Blue 556MS & 516SS,
Reels: Shimano Stella 1000, 18000 & 20000.
Line: Sunline, Varivas SMP, Tuf line,
Tight Lines