Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oregon Inlet 4-7-2010

Hi peeps,

here is the report from yesterday's crazy fishing
6 of us met up at Oregon inlet at 5am.
Chris aka Entourage.
Chris aka CJB08.
Ilya aka Surfmonster.
Sami & myself
The flags were flapping hard over at the marina, the weatherman was calling 20-25 SW wind but in reality it was probably blowing 30-35.
We spoke to Captain Ned of Seabreeze sportfishing and he said we will sail
When we reach the tuna ground the sea was in a rage, the waves were 8-10ft high and water was crashing into the 58ft sportfisher.
At approximately 8am, while Arkady was steadily twitching and retrieving his lure Ilya saw a shadow under the surface missing Arkady's lure a couple of times, when the lure was 20ft from the boat the shadow grabs the lure and made a run! Fish on!
After a gruelling 25mins, the fish kind of gave up the fight and allowed Arkady to pump and retrieve, NO DEATH CIRCLES!!!
When the fish came up to the surface everyone was rolling on the deck...
The fish had tangled itself with the leader and was being brought in tail first, you could see the smile *from ear to ear* on Arkady's face.
While the mate (George) was bringing in the fish, Ned shouted down at us "more tuna behind the boat!" Sami and i quickly grabbed our rods and casted towards the wall of water Chris aka Entourage saw my lure hit the water and told me something is chasing it! i immediately gave it 2 short and hard jerks and ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz fish on and next to me Sami too was hooked. It was a pain fighting both fishes with a tuna already onboard and furthermore i did not have a belt on. Sami brought in his fish and released it after 20 mins, me...i had to pass over my rod, i have to admit i wasn't ready and i do not wanna risk upsetting the balance of mothernature in case i smash one of my b@$$ coz i stuck the rod between my legs Ilya was right next to me but had to hand it to Chris coz he was a lefty. Sad to say but the hook pulled after 5mins, the only consolation was that i saved my b@$$s and i got back my lure.
Later in the afternoon we had a Mako shark chewing on the teaser that George setup and even whales showed up around us!! That was a first time for me seeing whales in OI.
The weather continued to worsen and we called it a day at 2pm
These are some of the equipment we were using,
Souls performance studio 16 - Arkady, Ilya aka (surfmonster)and Sami.
Smith Tokara60 - Chris aka (CJB08) and myself.
OTI - Chris aka (Entourage).
Reels are all 01 and 08 Stellas.
Lines used were generally all Varivas and Daiwa(not sure).
Lures used - Souls Kanade (Sami), Meron Spirits (Myself)and Daiwa Dorado Slider (Arkady).
Alright now for the pictures everyone been waiting for