Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sailfish Malaysia Oct 2013

Malaysia’s sailfish fishing have been famous and popular for quite a while, as a Malaysian I have never fished there and I totally feel ashamed. I finally had a chance to back to Malaysia and managed to squeeze in a day of fishing for sailfish in Pekan. Pekan is a small town on the east coast of west Malaysia.
The trip was plan and organized by Wee Liam and Ng from club Ironman Malaysia and Chua from China, Kenny from Singapore joined us on the trip aboard a very well know and famous captain in Pekan “Captain Ricky”
 We started the day late because of the weather and its only two boats out for fishing, as soon as we arrived at the fishing ground those sailfish started to show us their “JUMPING MOVES” and these shows made us more excited! Especially me LOL……
Me and Kenny was on the bow popping them up using lures, it does not take long, on my second cast I got tight but only hold up for a couple of seconds and I casted again, again I got hooked up but it was really tough to land them using treble hook. In the meantime Ng was tight using bait and landed our very first sailfish for the day, after some quick pictures we released the fish unharmed. Next was Kenny from the bow. He hooked up using Yo-zuri surface cruiser, it was amazing and Kenny fought it like a champion “WELL DONE” Kenny. By midday we lost count on how many were landed. I will consider this a very good trip and really learn and experience a lot from this trip, especially type and style of hooks used on lures, even though I did not landed any sailfish on lures.
Big thank you to Wee Liam and Ng for the hospitality and Captain Ricky really is the man when it comes to fishing in Pekan.  On a side note, I was really impressed and happy by the catch and release (sportfishing) mentality of the fishing community in Malaysia, every fish was released and those who seems like they will not make it are revived before the released.
I really had a great time and great memories with the crew and already looking forward for the next time but only “LURES” will be allowed on board this time hehe…J
Tight lines