Monday, February 27, 2012

Oregon Inlet 02-26-2012

Here's a quick report from yesterday. Seas were pretty nasty in the morning and died down later in the afternoon. We went 2 for 3 and kept a 63" and tagged a smaller 57". The 63" fish was caught on top water and the 57" on jig. Here are the tackle used, Rods Casting - Race Point 200/250/300, Souls. Rods Jigging - Carpenter OH, Valleyhill Maori Spirits/Mogi Special, Saltywater Tackle OBX Special (Prototype). Reels - Shimano Stella, Studio Ocean Mark L120, JM PE8. Lures - Craft Bait Dart Bait (prototype), Siren Lures, Shell Shaping, Carpenter Gamma. Jigs - Hot's Drift Tune, Deep Liner, Point Jude. Line - Sunline, Varivas, JB Hollow. Leader - Saltywater Tackle Casting Leader, BHP Wind On Leader. Enjoy the pics! Paul.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hatteras Feb 13 &14, 2012

An amazing day on the water started with a wide open topwater bite! Nick Bowles ( Ocean Active) from Dubai, Chris Teng ( Hot’s field tetster) from California, Mark Tamim from Texas, Jason Ward (Siren Lures) along with 7 anglers from Brooklyn and New Jersey shared their fantastic day on the water. We chartered Tuna Duck and God Speed and we are going to let the pictures justify the talking this time, Tackle used: Popping Rods: Race Point 200 & 250, Tokara 60, Hot’s Wei World BT 732 (prototype), Spinal, Jigging Rods: MC Works, Valley Hill Mogi special and Maori Spirit, Hot’s One Pitch Slider 56XH. Saltywater OBX 400G, Carpenter OH 55XH, Lures: Siren Lures,Ocean Thoroughbred, Moutoukenmaru, TB Lures, Carpenter Gamma. Jigs: Shout Shab Shab, Stay, Width, DeepLiner VB, FB, Hot’s Drift Tune. Line: Shout Sasame, Sunline, Varivas. Leader: Saltywater Twisted leader, Yozuri HD Carbon 150lb and 130LB Enjoy the pictures and we will update you tomorrow !! Tight lines Sami & Paul
Here are more photos from the second group! DAY 1
This is what happens after a brutal fight!!! DAY 2