Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cape Cod 7/28 and 7/30

Tuna crashed everywhere in small pods up to football field sized mega schools. Missed many opportunites when the tunas go down as we approached them. Jason landed a nice 58" on a soft plastic dead sticked to the gunnel.
They showed up again and i got a hook up which lasted a couple of minutes when the hook pulled, sami was next but his excitement too was short lived.
Later in the morning a 57" took Sami's lure when he was blind casting. Tunas are back in good numbers for sure!
Thank you Captain Eric of Snapshot Charters for the amazing photos!
Tackle used,
Rods - Race Point 200/250/300 MC Works SM778CR
Reels - Stellas
Lures - Moutoukenmaru, TB lures, Daiwa dorado sliders, Carpenter Gammas, Shout Entice and many more.
Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cape Cod with our Brazilian guest! July 22&23

Nakata and Paulinho joined me from Brazil for 2 days in the Cape on the 22&23,
I reserved the dates with Captain Josh to be informed 2 days prior to the trip that the engine on Josh’s boat is gone!
Josh did the impossible to get us a boat and we manage to get on board with Captain Dom and Captain Jeff,
The fish showed up more on our first day with many occasion and we blew our chances when everyone was so excited seeing fish busting all over, finally Paulinho came tight and manage to land a nice 58” on the new Race Point 200,
The guys were so happy and I was relieved to see the happiness on their faces took a few pictures and back to work to see another fish blow up twice on Nakata’s lures 5 feet away from the boat.
Good day with good shot!
On our second day we met Captain Jeff in Pamet and off we go for the hunt to be greeted with pushing fish and many boat, we had some nice opportunity but the fish did not stay too long on top,
I had a shot to see a fish boiling twice on my lure and missing it, it seems my luck in the Cape for this year keep on going in the wrong direction.
Enjoy the pictures.
Tight lines