Saturday, September 29, 2012

PEI September 24-26 2012, 909LB Bluefin Tuna landed!

First 2 days, September 24&25

We had an amazing 2 days of fishing in PEI and still have 1 more day to go, I wanted to go beyond the ordinary and also wanted to push the Shimano Talica 50II matched with Shimano Tallus TLT-STXH. The other set is a MC Works prototype rod 5310XX and was built according to our specification to target Bluefin tuna on stand up. Both set up did an outstanding job and performance, on the top of that I went with 130lb Power Pro hollow line and did not have any issues, My first fish landed yesterday on the MC Works rod, was estimated at 550lb and took under 20 minutes. BigTom was next, Tom had an estimated 600lb on the Shimano Tallus under 50 minutes.

Today was a little slow, it was amazing initially but then it slowed down, we lost a fish at first light due to line tangling to a net but the afternoon paid off when a monster inhaled a Mackerel from the kite, the fight was on. I landed a 909lb on the Shimano Talica 50II match out with Shimano Tallus TLT-STXH under 57 minutes and the guys decided to use the tag,
I couldn’t be happier then that.

Last day, September 26
Another outstanding day on the water to conclude our outstanding trip!
Tom wanted to try the chair as he never fought a fish on a chair before, the bite was finicky and it took us close to 7 strikes to finally come tight, it looks like they are not committing or they are sensing the leader at the bite and dropping the bait,
But finally it happened and Tom managed to get an estimated 800lb in 50 minutes to the boat side, took a few pictures and released the fish.
We then saw fish busting close to the herring boat, made a drift close to the boat and got tight on the MC Works 5310XX Prototype rod, bad luck as we get tangled up on a buoy but with the help of everyone on board we freed our line and the fight was on.
After having felt the power of the MC Works rod from the previous fight and with all the confidence, I increased my drag, looking to fulfil the purpose of my trip.
If it survives the fight it will be adequate for this kind of fishery, and she did with all ease!
I landed an estimated 850lb in 44 minutes, the rod feels like a beast with so much power to apply and transferring the pressure to the fish thus cutting the fighting time, I have always been impressed and will continue to be amazed by the line of MC Works rods.
Enjoy the pictures; we are heading home in a couple of hours
Tackle used:
Shimano Talica 50II match out with Shimano Tallus TLT-STXH
Shimano Talica 50II match out with MC Works 5310XX Prototype rod
Line: Power Pro Hollow 130lb
Lure of choice: live Mackerel

Tight lines