Monday, September 16, 2013

The moving and setting up of the new shop in New Jersey made me stay on the land for a "while" and sitting in the shop reading those "RED HOT BITE" reports is not fun at all.
Finally made up my mind and found the time and crew to set up a trip with Capt. Josh of Outermost Angling and crew consist of John, Fee and Hing.
Met up with Capt Josh at the dock by 5.00am and by the time we reach the fishing ground it was already packed with boats out there and of course as always "The Whale Show" always comes first hehe.....but it didn't take long before we marked fish, second drop and i got a good bite but lost it right away, dropped the jig again and instantly get tight, fought it to the leader but unfortunately the hook pulled by the boat side :(
We went back to where we marked fish and believe it or not, the same jig(Lamble Bait Half Pitch Series II) in pink was on fire again, finally had charlie into the boat and it was a 55" beautiful and healthy fish.
The bite was still good and this time Captain Josh hooked up another one but lost it by the boat side again, in the meantime John's reel was screaming big time, the line peeled out from the new Stella 20000SWB with high drag and we knew right away that it was a giant, Captain Josh started to chase after the fish and tried to gain some line but no matter what we did, we just couldn't stop the beast, SORRY John! too bad the leader got shaved and the fish swam away freely.
The area was beginning to filled up with boats and we tried to stay  clear from other boats, after making a couple move, we marked them again, John hooked up again and finally landed his first tuna in the Cape, well done buddy! Followed by Fee as well with his very first Cape Cod tuna, big congratulation and credits to both John and Fee.
To summarize the trip, we all had a blast out there, had tons of fun and laughter and strained back for me!

P.S Saltywater Tackle Outer Banks 400 Jigging Rod accounted for all the fish caught! A total of 7 hook ups and 4 landed.

Tackle used,
Rod : Saltywater Tackle Outer Banks 400, Valley Hill Mogi Special and Maori Spirits
Reel : Shimano Stella 20000SW and SWB, Shimano Trinadad 40
Jig : Lamble BCait Half Pitch, Lamble Bait Flashing Haoli, Hot's Drift Tune, Shout Width, Stay and Shab Shab


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