Sunday, September 8, 2013

Prince Edward Island, Canada 2013 (1st Group)

Day 1,
Brendan and his group from Australia were not disappointed to get a taste of giant Bluefin tuna on their stand up rod,
After 30 second from our first stop we marked tuna on the bottom and second after that Brendan was tight to a demon fish that he had to put all what he got to get it close to boat 
side, we get the fish 4 times to leader but did not had a chance to raise the tail and get a good pictures of it.

Beautiful clean fight with over 60lb of drag for the whole fight!! Thumbs UP to you Brendan and well done!

Day 2,

At the early AM and for the whole night the wind was pounding like no tomorrow,
The boys woke up at 6:00AM and first thing they ask me, do you think we are going to go? I said no way.
I Called Tony to check and confirm and he give it a go, we packed quickly and rushed to the harbor,
The weather actually looked Ok till we were out 1 miles but we had no problem finding the mackerel, the bait was plenty and the ocean was showing up his power and anger.
Get to the net and found some mark under it, it literally took a minutes and we were tight.
It was Kim’s turn and he choose to fight it from the rail, after 30 minutes he gave it to Brendan that choose to go stand up till he land the beast, I had the pleasure to harpoon the fish and it was a clean beautiful shoot, the Aussie guys were fascinated with the fishery in PEI, they came in to film it from a commercial point of view and they got it done!
The Shimano Tiagara 80 did a fantastic job with 60lb of drag at all time!
We killed the fish that measured 111 inches and weighted 761lb, beautiful result to end of the day but my only wish was to have a sunny day for the photo shots whoever that did happen, I guess you can’t wish for sunny day in PEI 
Day 3,
The excitement was on everybody’s face as we all knew the weather is going to be descent and the wind is calm,

We went with Tony’s today and as soon as we stopped we marked fish on the Herring net, Tony’s lifted the net to find them filled with herrings,
The bait arrived in big number and the commercial fleet set up their net at night, some big fish came up to the net and my heart start pumping as I never fished before,
I finally going to feel the pain and it is been exactly close to 1 year since I fought a giant on stand up, I didn’t want to experiment any equipment so I end up going with the same tackle as last year, a Shimano Talica 50 II spooled with 130lb Power Pro Hollow Ace and matched with a Shimano Tallus rod,
The fish took the bait 20 seconds after we dropped it and game on, I gave all what I can and I pushed the Talica 50 to the max, at the end of the fight we checked the drag and it was at 56lb, I believe the reels is more than enough for PEI and again no failure to report,
We had the fish at boat side with the leader in the hand when the fish broke loose it broke right at the hook, unfortunately we couldn’t take a picture at the boat side but all is good and it was a great fight.
It took 54 minutes to land the fish and according to Tony the fish was around the 750lb mark, at 9:15 we were back at the dock We took a 2 hours break and went back at it again for an afternoon session.

It was Kim’s turn,
Kim was nervous but full of excitement from day one, wanted to do it stand up but the weather did not help him to do it on the second day,
The condition was right and the support was there for him, he is been watching and observing for the past 2 days and trying to learn as much as he could,
Kim’s is biggest fish on rod and reel was 30lb but today all this is going to change and the man is about to experience the fight of his life time,
We put him on the rod and he performed beyond imagination , the 150lb man took it seriously and focused on putting the heat on the fish with 65lb for the whole fight, I was speechless!
Amazing what kind of power get out of us when we are on this transition to accomplish our task.
We had the fish to leader when the same scenario happen early morning, the leader broke 3 feet before raising that fish close to boat side for the photo,
All in all Kim was a happy man and he is going back home with a big smile on his face, I was very happy to be part of this trip and to see that kind of accomplishment!
Congratulations Kim and well done, You earned my respect!
Rod: Shimano Tallus & Ian Miller 60KG MM60 (Mad Miller)
Reel: Shimano Talica 50 II, Shimano Tiagara 80

Line: Power Pro Ace Hollow 130lb
Shot Leader: Jinkai 200lb
Leader: Seaguar Fluorocarbon 180lb
Belt: Black Magic Harness

Tight lines 

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