Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cape Cod June 2015 BFT Season opening

The look on his face was a bit serious, he asked us to sit down and steered in full speed toward the east, things start to get brighter and brighter and all what I remember is seeing that acre of busting Bluefin tuna on the surface pushing and feeding in full force right on the front of our eyes.
Cape Cod Bluefin tuna bite normally start around the first week of June but due to cold unstable weather the fish arrived a bit late, as every year and for the past 8 years I normally start fishing on the first week of June so it was time to make the call and head up north,
My companion on this trip was Bogdan and Thomas, they both came in to the shop and we took the drive up north at night under heavy construction and delay on I 95 and route 15 in Connecticut, the usual frustration that we go through every year heading to the Cape.
We meet Captain Josh and launched at 4:30AM and headed offshore to be greeted with whales, sand eels, Porpoises and shearwater, the ocean was promising, alive and full of life.
We start casting into that life knowing that something is about to develop and it is going to happen on the right tide for a short period, the usual tuna hunt and behavior in Cape Cod.
Josh shouted that he saw a flash on the water and said it is a big fish, something positive to start the day with and a bit encouraging to keep on putting the time and effort, the whales were all over the place and Josh was looking for the right set up with Shearwater and this is where it all started.
He put us on that position with Bogdan and Thomas on the front and myself on the back, he positioned the boat to give every angler on board the ultimate shot and we all fired our lure into the feeding zone but knowing where the guys are going to cast, I casted 10 feet away and toward where the school of tuna are heading.
Bogdan get a miss and I can hear him yelling with full excitement, Thomas get tight while I am watching my lure entering the zone, I made one twitch and I stopped to come tight instantly.
The take was spectacular while Josh shouting double hook up, yes, yes!
Thomas used a sinking Tackle House Britt in pink but unfortunately he get spooled with full drag and we all watched the line disappearing into the water in less than 1 minutes, he surely hooked a bigger class fish.
After 12 minutes I landed my fish using the CB One prototype rod matched with a CB One Rodeo 210 in Green Mackerel, delighted and happy to open the season on Captain Josh’s boat, the fish measured at 69 inches and looked very healthy, while at the fight the stickboat get a glance at what we encounter and they all steamed in that direction only to see them sticking up fish after fish, awesome day on the water and yet we get another great shot with the whales in between with no takers.
We ended up the day happy and headed to the hotel to rest and prepare for the next day.
On our second day we meet at the same time and found the same life as the day before, but we could not get a bite.
we had 2 good shoots and we saw fish rolling on topwater, they looked bigger class fish than the day before and those are the one that are not easy to fool, they were rolling on topwater and they didn’t seems to be interested by our offering, even the stickboats on that day had problem as the fish were scattered, so we enjoyed the rest of the day whales watching and looking for something to irrupt and develop but it didn’t happen, all in all it was a great day and I have to thank Captain Josh for his great service and good time spend on board, we will see you soon Captain.
  Tackle used:
Rods: Saltywater Race Point 250, 200, 100, CB One Prototype, Ripple Fisher Big Game Tuna, MC Works
Reels: Shimano Stella SWB 18000 and 20000
Lures: Moutoukenmaru, CB One Rodeo, Tackle House Britt, Carpenter Gamma, Shimano Ocea
Line: Power Pro Hollow 130lb & 80lb, Jerry Brown 100lb & 80lb
Leader: Saltywater Tackle Twisted Leader
Belt: MC Works, Hot’s
Hooks: BKK Prototype sided hooks, Shout Kudako, Owner ST-66
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Monday, August 3, 2015

Father Day Fluke Fishing, June 2015

I have come to a conclusion to appreciate a day like today!
I organize trips to all over the world, bring customers to dream destinations, share my knowledge and experience but I have never thought, how fun it is to bring a smile on my kids’ faces.

It all started 2 month ago when my son Nikita start begging to go fishing this summer so I end up promising him that I will do something for him but he couldn’t wait and he end up with a bamboo stick in his hand a line and he manage to catch his first fresh water fish on his own,
 I was a bit surprised but happy, I knew then it is time..
Tom passed by the shop a week ago and invited us to come to fish with him in the Hamptons.
The boys were excited and at 6:00AM both dressed up and ready with cloudy skies and rain on the forecast.
I was optimistic that the weather is going to clear and we are going to have fun,
we were not disappointed and the boys manage to get their first fluke keeper on the first drift.
The smiles on their faces and the pride was priceless, they sure earn it and they proved to have the fishing madness in their vain, I was really happy to see it and will sure remember my father’s day gift
for the rest of my life, I can’t wait to see them joining me in the future for GT’s and Tuna,
I wanted to thank Tom and his wife for his generosity and for having us as a guest at their house, the boys enjoyed the food and pool, Thank you guys J

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Andaman Sea, India April 2015

Mysteriously the Andaman Sea has it is own charm just like any other destinations around the world, for some reason the place is magical and a favorite destination for topwater Dogtooth tuna.
I get greeted at the guest house by Akshay, Nargis and Nicolas.
I fished with Captain Nicolas in Sri Lanka and I have to admit that I enjoyed his company and the good time spend on-board, so besides coming back I was so happy to be on-board with Nicolas and to be able to practice my French for the next 7 days.
The plan was to fish with Paul, Stu and Bob whom they traveled all the way from the UK.
Stu and Bob fished the Andaman before and made a video on Youtube for their trip which hit over 2 million viewers,
The plan was to fish new area and work on another episode with new footages.

Nicolas worked out a plan to get us offshore for 3 days straight and the sea condition was great to allow us to do so,
so we set up and gear up to be out for that duration, the guys were so excited upon their arrival and you can see that from the way they start getting their gear out and preparing for the trip.
On our first day of the trip and in about half an hour away from the harbor we start seeing birds and spinner dolphin which soon turned to Yellowfin tuna, we had the joy to play around to fulfill our mission on the first day, the Yellowfin tuna where so active and we had good time chasing them around, we stayed for over 3 hours running and gunning until we had enough and made a call to keep on heading to invisible bank.
We arrived a bit late with no current at all, the guys start casting and we all manage to land small size GT’s until I decided to take a break, Nicolas took an advantage grabbed his rod and casted, on the second cast he had an explosion on his lure but we could not determine what it is until it was closer to the boat and we saw a beautiful Doggie about to be landed, we get it to the boat right away took a few shot and put it back into the water but I guess the shock was way too high on him and we could not revive him at all, we tried for over 20 minutes with no success.
After our long day We anchored in the area hoping for better topwater bites in the early AM, as the night start to fall and the sun is disappearing into the sea the night and the sky looked like a Christmas tree from a distance with so many stars to count, it is such a joy to be in the outdoor to enjoy the scenery and the lifestyle in that way.
 The morning came and we right away hit the spot with no current at all which made it so hard to set a drift so we decided to quit and hit the jigging spot.
There was life on the bottom and we surely manage to get so many species on that day while jigging, the sea was dead calm with no breeze at all but the constant jigging action made it at ease.
we pushed North on our third day to try a new spot and while on the way we saw a school of pilot whales, we approach them slowly until we were surrounded by them to enjoy a free show that lasted for about 20 minutes, they were so curious that they were sticking out their head to look at us, we had them on camera and video and they sure made a good show, we called the day off and headed back to Port Blair to refuel for the second part of the trip.
We headed to South Sentinel on the second half of the trip hoping for better action with full moon approaching maturity and no current, however our will and effort is there to make it happen.
On the way south we looked around hoping to encounter the Yellowfin tuna again but they were absent with no luck to find them, the weather was looking bad with heavy rain approaching so we decided to jig and wait for the bad weather to pass us, I believe we stopped at the wall to start jigging and we managed couple of small GT’s until Stu start screaming and his line start peeling, after a 10 minutes of huffing and puffing Stu manage to land a descent GT on the jig and to top it more that was his biggest GT ever landed so he was so happy for his achievement, took a quick photo and released him to fight another day.
we arrived a bit late to South Sentinel and we start popping like no tomorrow with no action at all,
I was a bit surprise as I was hoping to hit that spot hard knowing that this spot is very productive but again the lack of current made it impossible to sustain life in the area, so we decided to hit North trying to save the last 2 days and looking for a better life and action, we headed North and anchored close to Port Blair on that night.
the last 2 days of the trip was spend jigging more than casting and the micro jig did save the trip in general and in terms of catching different species and keeping everybody happy and busy,
no matter what it is still an experience and pleasure to be offshore.
I want to thank Game Fishing Asia for their hospitality and great service, it was a pleasure to fish with the UK guys.
  Tackle used:
Rod: Saltywater Tackle Race Point 250, 150, 100, El Maestro 77H, OBX-300, Daiwa
Reel: Shimano Stella, Daiwa Saltiga, Maxel
Line: Power Pro Hollow, Sunline, Tuffline
Lures: CB One Zorro, Moutoukenmaru, Carpenter Bluefish, Craft Bait, Hammerhead, Siren, Heru.
Jigs: Shout, CB One, Smith, Hot’s, Haoli, Shimano

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