Thursday, July 7, 2016

Blue fin Tuna out of Long Island, New York!

Had an awesome trip with "One More Cast" Captain John McMurray, first mate Gerald, Thomas J Zoltner Jr., Father and son tag team champions AJ and Andrew Lapsley.
We went 4 for 5 of which 3 was on top water plugs and one on the Ron Z!
First fish was landed in the morning by yours truly and by mid day everyone on board had their share!
Lost another 5 feet from the boat when the hook sux when you see them just slowly wiggling into the deep blue and you can't do anything about it...
Most of the boats out there were trolling but we stuck to what we came for, stick baits, poppers or jigs with eyes peeled on the horizon looking for splashes, birds or any sign of these elusive hunters and damn, they paid off!
Congratulations to the Lapsley family, both father and son landed a tuna each and the smile on their face... Priceless!
Hope to fish with you guys again and SOON!!
Tackle used
Saltywater Tackle Race Point 200/100
Saltywater Tackle El Maestro 74XH Prototype/710MH

Shimano Stella 18000SW/14000SW
Shimano Saragosa 10000SW

Native Works Napalm 200, Moutoukenmaru, Amegari Dzango, Ron Z

Stroke of luck, persistance and a good Captain.

Enjoy the pics!

Tom hanging on!
Nice fish on the Amegari Dzange popper!
AJ hanging on!
Andrew with his tuna caught on popper!
Father and son tag team!
Yours truly with a nice bend on the Race Point 100!
Love the Native Works Napalm and the way they dig in with a long trail of bubbles, kinda like a flying fish just landed in the water leaving a bubble trail!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

North Carolina March 2016

Simon, Marco and Franco where our latest host for the season in North Carolina; they came all the way from Hong Kong to get a feel and experience the power of a Bluefin tuna.
We ended the season way better than we started scoring 3 out of 6 comparing to our first trip of the season in late Feb when we went 0 out 3.
They had a rough start with bad weather but on their last day things changed and we saw a light at the end of the tunnel. The last day was promising and mother nature was kind enough to finally come down to get a decent day of fishing.
We charter the Release and we sure had one of the best day in North Carolina in terms of weather and catching.
Upon our arrival the porpoises were all packed up in big group just the way you want them to be.
We set up close to them and both Simon and Marco fired their lure toward the school.
On the second cast Franco’s lure got hammered repeatedly by a huge Bluefin The poor guy was not expecting an instant hit with a size like that. He froze from the shock and while we screamed at him to set the hook he could not react nor respond to us.
We set up again and this time Simon put up his lure in the right place only to see it disappearing while having Marco covering the footage of the bite and the explosion on topwater. Marco was the designated camera man for the entire trip and he took some great footages.
Simon was testing his own line of rods and wanted to make sure that it is up to the task, sure enough the rod took the abuse and after 40 minutes plus he landed his first ever Bluefin tuna that measured at 68 inch, the joy on his face left him speechless.
We repositioned ourselves again and Franco and I got a cast to the working school of porpoises.
My lure got a tremendous strike and I was on for the fight. I landed and released a 69-inch fish on the Race Point 250 matched with a Hammerhead Cherry Boy 240 stickbait.
Franco on the other hand missed another bite and we urged him to concentrate and focus on his lure in order to set the hook on the strike so he won’t be taken by surprise.
After couple of attempts Franco got tight on his CB One Zorro in Green Mackerel. The fish came in on her side striking so we all got a glance of it and we saw a better class fish than what we caught earlier in the day. We urged him to focus and to keep his heart and soul into to make it happen.
The fish showed a lot of power and he was forced to ask for help, Simon jumped in and I end up finishing the fight and we landed and released a 73-inch fish.
We could not ask for a better day to put a smile on our clients and to finish the season with a banner day like that, Thank you for the Release Charter for an outstanding day on the water!
  Tackle used:
Rods: Prototype by Simon, Race Point 300, 250
Reels: Shimano Stella
Lures: Carpenter, Hammerhead, Moutoukenmaru, CB One.
Line: Power Pro Hollow, Varivas SMP
Leader: Saltywater Twisted leader, FG Knot
    Tight lines


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kirinda Sri Lanka March 2016

Chris Hot’s field tester along Eduard and Seth joined me on my recent trip to Sri Lanka.
we landed in Colombo and took the 5 hours ride to Kirinda to be greeted by the guys at the lodge and after with a quick briefing with our Captain Nicolas.
The first day started very slow and we soon start dawning for the lighter tackle, the action was unstoppable with such a variety that made Chris so much aware of his dinner and how we are going to prepare the fish we caught for the dinner table.
we fished late and Nicolas tried his best to put us on the fish, the majority of the GT we caught were ranging from 15kg to the 22kg mark with some occasional fish close to the 30kg mark.
the bite was a bit slow but we notice right away and after the first day that it was more of an afternoon bite with countless opportunity and multiple hook up, the fish responded to both poppers and stickbait and the long drift paid-off to cover wider area.

jigging wise was slightly slow but with all honestly we did not put the effort into it and we preferred the topwater action and the light jigging at the reef.
Chris was testing the New Hot’s Gipang 79XH on this trip and we all agreed that the blanks went into some major changing, it is not the same as the previous blank, the new Hot’s rod has more softness into it but yet the power to stop the fish, I get the chance to fish with the new rod and I really liked it a lot.
The highlight of the trip came in on the last day and it was the day that Captain Nicolas said that we will get the chance to encounter big fish, he was right on the money.
I pursued my goal on pushing my luck to see what the El Maestro 82M is capable on landing and I was lucky enough to get a GT’s close to the 40kg mark in 5 meter of water, the fish took a Hammerhead Cherry Asymmetry 200 SUS stickbait and the explosion on the lure was to be noticed as descent size fish.
The shouting and yelling started on board with Nicolas demanding more pressure on the fish, all what I heard is come on man we are in 5 meter and the fish is heading toward the shallow ledge, I found myself with so much pressure that I precisely cranked up the drag and took the chance, the fish surfaced with it is glory and I was delighted to see a descent fish on board, a big thank you for Nicolas for his maneuverability and skills to make it happen in shallow water using a lighter rod.
That fish pumped all the guys on board and made them put the effort to keep casting, things where working as a clock on the boat, the guy that catch a fish take a break or head to the shade of the T-top to drop a jig.
I get another shot with a bigger class fish that came in on my popper and missed it, while I screamed to get the guys attention the fish charged me again but this time with such a vigorousness open jaw.
unfortunately, it came in a bit short on the popper but felt the take for a few second.
Toward the evening we had countless fish boated and the vibe and spirit on board was great.
it was a pleasure to fish on board with you guys, I had a great time and can’t wait to do it again.
Thank you to Game Fishing Asia to their professional service but specifically to Captain Nicolas Jamin for his effort and knowledge!
 Tackle used:
Rod: Hot’s, Carpenter, Ripple Fisher, Race Point and El Maestro
Reel: Shimano & Daiwa
Line: Jerry Brown Hollow, Sunline.
Leader: Saltywater Tackle Twisted Leader
Hooks: BKK and Shout
Lures: Hammerhead, Craft Bait, Shell Shaping, Carpenter
   Tight lines