Monday, July 26, 2010

North Carolina 7/24/2010

Headed out 65 miles offshore with Captain Mike of Live Line charters on Saturday 7/24/2010.

Onboard were 5 blokes from the big apple Benson, Sherman, George, Raymond and myself, most of them are new to this game and had no clue what they will be expecting.
Weatherman was calling 15 to 20 knots with gust up to 25,not a very comfortable situation to be in, but the guys has been looking forward to this trip since May, and all of them were dying to wrestle the reef donkeys which they heard from friends and forums. LOL the power of internet!
After more than 2 hours of airborne and crashing on angry seas, they reached Eden…Mike signaled to us, “I’m reading fish” and down went my jig followed by the rest, crank crank crank…ZZZZzzzZZzzzz and I was tight and ZZZzzzZZ Raymond was tight and followed by George.
Triple hookups! Both me and George landed our fish and Raymond got cut off…we went back and started our second drift only to be greeted by a school of hungry and aggressive fish! YES we all hooked up, all 5 of us!
For the rest of the day, we encountered triple, quadruple and even a couple of fives, largest AJ was a 75lb – 80lb’er, some other species that were caught are African Pompano, Scamp Grouper and a Sand Tile.
Anyone who wants to go down to NC and tackle some donkeys should do so soon, SW winds have been blowing for 2 straight weeks and should be dying out welcoming calmer seas.
I’m not gonna elaborate on the tackle used, as 90% of the tackle used are from us, for those who are new and would like to try this painful sport (just kidding it’s not that painful), here are some tips, long jigs = AJ’s, Almaco Jacks, shorter jigs = Groupers or African pomps.
Before letting the pictures do the talking, Captain Mike, thank you very much for your professional service as a captain, and the Fantastic Four that were fishing with me, thank you! I had a blast! See you lads soon in the water!
Ok, now for the pics

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