Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I had the pleasure to be onboard Captain Josh Osprey along Captain Dave from Miami and Raymond from New York.

Left the dock at 4:00 am and encountered busting fish early in the morning, around 6:00 am Captain Dave came in tight and fought the fish and had it to boat side, took some picture and released the fish to boat side to fight another day, I believe he was using a Calstar custom rod,
Capt Josh decided to move to a different area and we encountered a great feed and busting fish all over the place,
We saw fish from 70lb, 80lb to over 300lb air borne,
Just to be out there was a blast,
Had a good shot while casting the Shimano Ocea Pencil and came in tight to lose the fish after my line broke,
We kept on trying and had another shot and came in tight on the Daiwa dorado slider in Anchovy color, fought the fish to boat side and lost it 10 feet from the boat to find out that the owner ST66 3/0 had opened
There was no rest and I am sure we drove Captain Josh crazy as we where screaming left and right and the excitement and the rush did not stop us till we made it to the dock.
Captain Josh had his shot as well and get tight, as he was looking left and right to pass the rod Raymond was next to him and had the pleasure to fight that fish, after 10 to 15 minutes he was begging for mercy,
That fish was really pissed off and she sent the reel to a screaming mode and made it to the 550 feet mark! We end up losing that fish due to line breaking and I believe that Capt Josh get tight on a Black hole rod,
The problem was working the lure properly to trigger a bite; the birds gave us no chance to do that,
But the last shot was what I asked for , fish broke at a close distance with no birds around and Captain Josh put me in a great position to land the lure right on the feed, 3 twitches and game on,
I was testing a new rod and wanted to push it to the extreme to find out if it was suitable for this kind of fishing, after 30 minutes or so I broke the rod but manage to land a 69 inch and released it along the boat side to fight another day, (the broken rod is not the Race Point Special).
I don’t have to boost Captain Josh reputation I think his record speak for himself, a great Captain with so much experience and excitement on board his boat, will be back to fish with you Captain.
Thank you

Tackle used:
Race point Special
Souls Performance Studio16
Smith Tokara
Calstar and Black Hole

Shimano Stella SW18000
Shimano Stella SW 10000 with 16000 no limits spools
Shimano Saragosa

Daiwa Dorado slider
Shimano Ocea Pencil

Tight lines

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