Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Martha's Vineyard August 2016

We had great 2 days on the water last week with Captain Josh Zacharias from Outermost Angling Charters with a slow start that turned into Manheim on the second day.
Dennis and Alex joined me on those 2 days were we fished the South of the Vineyards. The first day was very tough were we marked fish to no vail to get a bite till we saw some jumping halfbeak out of the water with tuna on their tail. We rushed to the scene were Dennis and Alex got a shot and without any hesitation from the aggression of the fish, Dennis was tight on the CB One drifter.
Dennis got his fish under 5 minutes and it measured at 52 inch. We sealed the day hoping for a better result for tomorrow.
On the next day we went to the same general area and we noticed that things were a bit better. Josh started marking the fish in the deeper columns but soon enough they begun coming up to the top, marking them in 30 to 40 feet of water. Alex was laying down on the boat taking a nap so I encouraged him to stand up and give it a shot.
He made one cast and sure enough he got tight on a Shout Engra sinking lure. He was fishing with the Race Point 100 and the bend and the fight on this rod was absolutely amazing, Alex nailed a nice 53-inch fish and sealed the day for us.
Captain Josh decided to explore and headed away from the fleet in search for a better opportunity. We found life full of bait and whales all over the place and while cruising slowly we saw silver flash under our boat. We stopped right away and sure enough we were surrounded by Bluefin all over us. We casted to them and Alex got a bite but no takes. I made a cast to the moving school and Josh said you’re going to get a bite, I let that small Prototype CB One Drifter sink and gave it 2 twitch and I was on.
I was using the El Maestro 82M matched with a Stella 8K. The fish took off like no tomorrow and we end up chasing it on top till she charged me back to the boat were she unbuttoned herself, happy to get the bite and have a taste of that fight.
All of a sudden the shearwater took over and barely could get a chance to present our lures, we stitched to sinking lures and they still managed to go down to grab it, the feeds were insane with massive boils on topwater to a point that you can choose the feed you wanted to approach.
With that scenario Alex switched to RonZ and he got a bit right away where he landed and released his second fish of the day. We moved in to the other pods and Alex made a cast and right he was on.
The fish charged him and came in straight to boat side with line peeling on the topwater, the take was amazing, he fought that fish close to 25 minutes on the Race Point 100 and lost it after.
Time was flying by and when we looked at the time it was close to 3:00pm and knowing our run is long we had to make the call and end the day, what a day!
We saw what we wanted to see, pods and pods of tuna all over the place and from what I saw it is only going to get better, we’re going to have a stealer solid year in the Cape!
Do yourself a favor and jump onboard, it is tuna time!

  Tight Lines

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