Sunday, October 2, 2016

Morehead City, North Carolina MAY 2016

What was supposed to be a 2 days fishing trip ended with 1 day but all in all is good as we made it home to celebrate mother’s day with the kids.
Ray booked those days with Captain John Cawthern from Procastinator Sportfishing aiming to target the big AJ but for some reason they weren’t biting well on that day, the guys that fished a week before us did very well on the jig with some solid fish.
John did the impossible and pushed it hard, we caught many species with some great Mahi Mahi bites on topwater and we could not keep those fish away from the boat J.
It is been a while since I fished for AJ in North Carolina and I get to admit that I enjoyed it a lot specially with that lighter set up that I was using, I fell in Love with that little Accurate Valiant 300 and will definitely be pushing it harder to land a decent size fish on it as I believe the reel is not lacking any power and it is simply perfect.
I want to thank to boys and John for the good time spend on board!
   Tight lines