Thursday, July 7, 2016

Blue fin Tuna out of Long Island, New York!

Had an awesome trip with "One More Cast" Captain John McMurray, first mate Gerald, Thomas J Zoltner Jr., Father and son tag team champions AJ and Andrew Lapsley.
We went 4 for 5 of which 3 was on top water plugs and one on the Ron Z!
First fish was landed in the morning by yours truly and by mid day everyone on board had their share!
Lost another 5 feet from the boat when the hook sux when you see them just slowly wiggling into the deep blue and you can't do anything about it...
Most of the boats out there were trolling but we stuck to what we came for, stick baits, poppers or jigs with eyes peeled on the horizon looking for splashes, birds or any sign of these elusive hunters and damn, they paid off!
Congratulations to the Lapsley family, both father and son landed a tuna each and the smile on their face... Priceless!
Hope to fish with you guys again and SOON!!
Tackle used
Saltywater Tackle Race Point 200/100
Saltywater Tackle El Maestro 74XH Prototype/710MH

Shimano Stella 18000SW/14000SW
Shimano Saragosa 10000SW

Native Works Napalm 200, Moutoukenmaru, Amegari Dzango, Ron Z

Stroke of luck, persistance and a good Captain.

Enjoy the pics!

Tom hanging on!
Nice fish on the Amegari Dzange popper!
AJ hanging on!
Andrew with his tuna caught on popper!
Father and son tag team!
Yours truly with a nice bend on the Race Point 100!
Love the Native Works Napalm and the way they dig in with a long trail of bubbles, kinda like a flying fish just landed in the water leaving a bubble trail!

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