Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cape Cod September 2015

I always consider the Cape as my home backyard when it comes to bluefin tuna fishing.
I usually don’t fish during the full moon but monitoring what it is been going on in the past year or 2 made me think it is time to book a trip on a full moon period to see it and experience it myself.
As usually, I called and booked Captain Josh for the task and picked up Sean from Brooklyn and Ivan from JFK and headed North with a chilly temperature dropping to a 40 degree, Feeding period facts.
We meet Josh at 5:30AM and headed in search for that bite and sure enough to find it to ourselves and enjoyed every bit of it.
We’ve seen 50lb to 250lb Bluefin tuna airing out after Halfbeak, an amazing feed and great scenery and as always chattered between the camera and the fishing. I choose my rod and couldn’t resist the offering and the wide open bites, a serious wide open bite that will be marked in the book for life.
Having Sean and Ivan to join me was a total pleasure, I watched both anglers landing their first ever Bluefin tuna on topwater and to be there for that moment it was a complete enjoyment.
We went 3 out of 4 all on topwater but the one that got away was an absolute stud that gained its freedom to fight another day. We got both the under and the over and rounded up the day while they were still busting and airing out on halfbeak.
In the mean time I can’t get enough in my mind from rewinding the scenery and the day and can’t wait to hit the Cape as soon as weather and Mother Nature will allow me to do so.

Tackle used:
Rod: Carpenter TBL 80/40, Smith Tokara 60, Race Point 300 and 100
Reel: Shimano Stella
Lures: Siren, Moutoukenmaru
Line: Power Pro Hollow, Varivas, Jeryy Brown Hollow
Leader: Saltywater Tackle Twisted leader

  Tight lines

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