Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oregon Inlet March 2014, Russian style :)

A beautiful opening day for North Carolina today, fish were busting in every direction you can look at.
a bite that we were waiting for to happen for the last month, upon our arrival to the fishing ground we marked fish right away and Captain Dan asked the guys to start casting, after 5 minutes we saw a blow on Andrey’s lures,
the fish dumped half of his spool leaving him with a confusion on his face, Iron man was next but his fish was smaller and he manage to land the fish after 15 minutes, we called the shot and gaffed the first fish on the boat just to secure our catch knowing that Andrey’s fish is larger,
he struggled as this was his first Bluefin tuna so he asked for help and the rod went around for close to an hour till I came in and had it in the boat, the fish measured at 83 inch and looked very roundish, we estimated that fish to be in the range of 280lb to 290lb, took a few shot and released it safely,
We moved along and start marking again till we start seeing the fish busting on topwater, Yuri launched his Gamma 200 only to get inhaled with peeling line and screaming drag however the line broke as I believe another fish ran through the line, in the meantime to fish sounder is singing the blue and Dan right away ask us to drop a jig, Iron Man and myself dropped our jig to 220 feet after a couple of twitch I came in tight but not for too long, the fish took off and my line broke, Iron man get a bite but his knot failed, the first 2 jig bites on the Tuna Duck for this year resulted of breakage and knot failures.
We kept on looking till we found the bait boil, Captain Dan shouted from the bridge to be ready,
the tuna were smashing the Blue fish and we had the ultimate shot, 3 guys fired and the 3 get tight on the spot, my line & Edward ‘s line broke but Iron man was on fire he landed the fish after 20 minutes on Siren lures, I took a few pictures and released it safely after tagging it.
Dan again asked us to drop the jig as the fish sounder is beeping, Iron Man get an amazing strike,
he sat the hook and the fight began but after 20 minutes he lost the fish when his line dig in to the spool, that was a hefty fish and we all saw the pressure he put up on the rod.

We moved on and saw another bait ball with big fish crushing on them; we fired our lures and Edwardu get tight right away but he lost the fish on the first run, a day to be remembered for sure as the Russian came in to believe that North Carolina is alive and the fish is around,
I will be reporting for you tomorrow as I need to catch some sleep.
Tackle used:
Rod: Race Point 250, 300, Carpenter, Patriot design
Reel: Shimano Stella, Daiwa Saltiga
Lures: Carpenter Gamma, Siren, Bertox, CB One/
Line: JB Hollow, Power Pro Hollow, Varivas SMP
Leader: Saltywater Twisted leader
Hooks: Shout Kudako hooks

  Tight lines

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