Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cape Cod July 8th 2012

Had a blast with Captain Billy of Maj Ya Day fishing charters yesterday! We were out before the sun was up and already you can see the usual peeps on the water. Was great to see Captain Dom, Eric and Josh on the water doing what they love most! Right at the crack of dawn, Billy called out, "marking fish at 80 feet"! Our crew, Chris from Hot's and Raymond belt out their jigging rods and started jigging away... I told Benny aka A1flyfishr let the guys jig, both of us are gonna raise it up!! True enough, after Benny's 2nd cast and just 20ft from the bow, charlie came visiting, slapped on the pink ocea pencil and disappeared... Fish On! After a little assistance and the usual tug of war, we got it along side and Billy stucked the fish. It was a nice 70inch fish with a 48inch girth, and fat like a barrel! Rods - Hot's Wei World Cape Cod Special 7'6"XH, 7'3"XXXH, Race Point 200, 250, Souls Performance Studio 7'5" PE12 Reel - Shimano Stellas Lures - Craft Bait, Carpenter and Saltywater Tackle Gammas and Bluefish, Hot's Keiko, Moutoukenmaru and Shell Shaping Lures. Enjoy the pics! Paul.

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