Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hatteras, Feb 17,18,21 2012 with Konishi-san and group!

We dropped the first group to welcome our Japanese guest, I picked up Konishi-san and his group from JFK and headed to the shop then to my house for some fresh Sashimi an off to Hatteras. The weather man was not in our favor and Captain Dan suggested to wait for Saturday, knowing the guys flew all the way from Japan made me pull the trigger and make the call to make it happen for them. It was a tough day on the water, Konishi–san was anxious to bend his prototype rods and we made it happen! We went 2 out 8 today, all on topwater ! I tried jigging a little to leave the opportunity to the group to score but eventually succumbed to casting, I guess I can’t resist We had a triple hook up and Konishi-san manage to land a nice fat 65 inch in less than 5 minutes. The warm water on the Gulf Stream made it miserable humidity, moisture and the fog not forgetting the big swells! Right in the middle of the day Tashiro-san comes tight and fought the fish with great spirit, all fish have been fought and bought to boat side free style! It took him 20 minutes and a heavy drag to land the beast, the fish measured 83 inches and estimated at 320lb according to Captain Dan, He totally amazed me but I shouldn’t be surprised as he is a captain and he target Tuna in Japan, All rods are prototype so I really can’t give much info in respect to the maker and designer, Enjoy the pictures!! Tight lines Sami
Back to same spot with the same pattern Guys,for those of you taking drive just for jigging, please do yourself a fever and get a popping outfit or borrow one if you have to, I jigged for the past 2 times and had no hit whatsoever, all action is on topwater and they are moving with the porpoise, we blind cast most of the day and it paid off, 4 hook up followed by another 2 and we end up the day with 4 out 6, not a bad day at all all fishes measured below 65 inches and we end up releasing all of them! enjoy the pictures! Tight lines Sami
We went 2 out of 3 on our last day, all on topwater!! It was a tough day and we where lucky to be on the right spot at the right time, Captain Dan shouted from the tower pointing north, 4 angles cast their Carpenter Gamma to that direction to see their stickbait getting inhaled one after the others, Nishio-san was first followed by Konishi-san and lastly by me, i casted away from the guys to give them the room and try to eliminate line tangling, Konishi-san fish ran with the other fishes right after the hit and he end up loosing the fish due to line breakage from other fishes, in the mean time i kept twitching and i kept on seeing the fish missing the lure until I slowed down a bit, and game on, because of that scenery the guys where so focused with theirs camera that they get it on video, it was a nice explosion. Nishio-san manages to bring a nice 65 inch in less than 7 minutes, the fish estimated at 140lb! I then landed same size fish in about the same time; I landed the fish on the Race Point 300 Prototype rod!! I was so happy to bring a smile on everybody’s face; all members of the group manage to land a fish on this trip, It was such a great experience to fish side to side with Konishi-san and the famous Captain from the Sunrise Tashiro-san, not to mention that he is one of the best cook that I had ever had the joy to enjoy his cooking  I can’t thank Captain Dan Rooks and first mate Mike for their outstanding service, if you guys are planning to head south for bluefin tuna fishing check the southern hospitality that Tuna Duck offer, thumbs up to you Captain and thank you, we will be back !!! Tight lines Sami
First Mate Mike, Captain Dan Rooks,Tashiro-san, Konishi-san standing side to side to Ajiti-san and Nishio-san in the middle