Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cape Cod 7/28 and 7/30

Tuna crashed everywhere in small pods up to football field sized mega schools. Missed many opportunites when the tunas go down as we approached them. Jason landed a nice 58" on a soft plastic dead sticked to the gunnel.
They showed up again and i got a hook up which lasted a couple of minutes when the hook pulled, sami was next but his excitement too was short lived.
Later in the morning a 57" took Sami's lure when he was blind casting. Tunas are back in good numbers for sure!
Thank you Captain Eric of Snapshot Charters for the amazing photos!
Tackle used,
Rods - Race Point 200/250/300 MC Works SM778CR
Reels - Stellas
Lures - Moutoukenmaru, TB lures, Daiwa dorado sliders, Carpenter Gammas, Shout Entice and many more.
Enjoy the pics!

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