Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cape Cod 10/19/2010

Went up to the Cape with Sherman and Benson from New York.
Met up with Captain Eric and 1st mate Jason of Livewell charters in Green Harbour at 6am. Weather was chilly in the lows 40s, headed out to the fishing grounds and saw tunas scattered and jumping in all directions ranging from small 15-20 pounders to nice 200lb fish.
As usual the fishes dived as soon as we approached them and we had to depend on the birds to lead us, after a couple of cast, we saw a couple of birds flying low and staring at the water, casted 3-5 yds ahead of where the birds were heading and let the lure float on the surface for a couple of seconds before working it, i was working my lures really slow as they didn't seem to be really agressive. About 10yds from the boat and as soon as the lure stick its head out from the water, a huge boil came from behind.
@#$% he missed it! 4 times it happened to me on different lures!
Made another cast and again let it sit in the water and work it real slow, sweep...stop, sweep stop, another boil surfaced but this time the line went tight, FISH ON! i thought to myself and fought the fish in, it was a nice 53 inch keeper.
After the 1st fish was landed we headed towards the south east corner of the bank and was greeted by a whole fleet of boats, many familiar faces, Capt Josh, Capt Dom, Capt Richie...
After saying "Hi" to Dom and Konishi-san who was fishing with him we headed out in search of more fish and again i worked the lures slowly and was rewarded with another fish, it was slightly bigger then the 1st fish 56inch estimated and brought it alongside the boat only to have the belly split ring failed on me and the fish escaped before any photos could be taken.
It was a nice day out and even nicer with the fish coming back, been a real bad season and i'm glad they are back! On the way back we saw a commercial boat trying to haul a 800lb to their boat.
Here are the tackle used,

1st fish - Souls PS-075P3CS, Shimano Stella 10000FA with 16000 spool, Souls Nardo lure, Varivas SMP PE8 and our own 130lb loop to loop twisted shock leader with 130lb bite flouro leader.
2nd fish - Race Point Special, Shimano Stella 18000SW, Shout prototype lure, Varivas SMP PE8 and our own 130lb loop to loop twisted shock leader with 130lb bite flouro leader.
Other Rods - Smith Tokara
Reels - Shimano Stella 18000SW
Lures - Carpenter Gamma & Pandora, Daiwa Dorado sliders, Shimano Ocea pencils, Souls Brabus and Bombers.
Here are the some of the pictures, in case you guys don't recognize me...yes i cut my hair

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