Sunday, September 12, 2010

Introductory fishing for kids 9/12

Going on all these trips for big game fish like amberjack and bluefin, it's not often that we get to fish with our loved ones and young ones who are not experienced anglers. So our good buddy Raymond and Sherman aranged a family oriented bottom fishing trip with the Osprey Fleet out of Port Jefferson in Long Island, NY. Although the weather was a little choppy, we still caught our fair share of porgies and fun was had by all, especially all the kiddies and the kids at heart. If these little ones are going to one day be jigging and popping for big fish, this was a great way to start. :) Enjoy the pics.
Thank you Evan for helping me out with the report!
look at my fish daddy.

No! look at my fish dad!

nice fish huh...
can i keep it...please...

happy family =)

when you grow up son, you have to remove your own hooks...

my dinner =)

my 1st Porgy..YES!!

One fish...3 sisters.

Look at my bluefish!

let me take a nap while the kids are fishing...

i'll join you!!

i've been waiting for this moment...

i'm all set dad!

fresh meat...

Najibka, you are suppose to look at the camera!!

preeeeetty =)

Igor & Julie

Are we there yet??

"Najibka, this is how you do it"!! Reel reel!!

Sami show his son how the Pros does it =)

"papa papa" "ribka ribka"!!

My trophy fish!

why does it feel so heavy??!!



Evan & Sarah

"thats definitely a keeper!"

"tats a keeper!" gotta throw it back.

At last...and i thought i'll get skunked =p

mother and son tag team!

"papa, why is the fish bleeding..."

"tats wat i call...SATISFACTION!"

tuna or don't matter...look at his face!!!

"mines bigger hun"...

nice right =)

"i'm gonna get the pool with this fish"!

"brrrrr cooooldddd"

even i was fascinated by the descaler!

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