Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cape Cod 6/8/2010

After seeing Sami catch a nice Tuna on Monday, I decided it was my turn!

I headed up to the Cape with my buddies Evan and Igor. We met with Captain Eric and Jason early in the morning as usual.
Very nice calm conditions. Alot of birds right from the get go but initially there only seemed to be stripers. Then Eric started yelling that there were bluefins in the mix and we all casted. First I hooked up using a Garyukobo Black Force lure and my trusty Smith Tokara rod. Within a second or two, Igor was also hooked into a fish, also using a Tokara. For the next 50 or so minutes... Igor and I circled around the boat, dancing around each other like a carousel. It was tough but fun and at the end of the fight Jason harpooned my 69.5 inch BFT which, according to its dimensions, was about180 lb.
Igor's fish surfaced a few times (it appeared to be over 200lb) and seemed like it was nearing the end of the fight about 5-10 minutes after the first tuna was on board, but then it made one final mad dash straight beneath the boat and in a flash the line was chaffed against the boat and fish was free. It was frustrating but in the end everyone was happy with our teamwork.
After fighting the tuna we were all tuckered out and as luck would have it we came upon an AMAZING site, birds and bluefish and stripers everywhere not far from the beach. They were so thick you could have jumped out of the boat and walked on them without getting wet. So for the next hour or two before heading back we had an amazing time tossing our lures out there and watching batches of bluefish and stripers chase and bust on the lures. We caught countless stripers and had a blast until it was time to pack it and enjoy some traditional New England Chowder.

Thank you Captain Eric and Jason buddy for putting us on the fish!
See you guys soon !
Enjoy the pics!


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