Monday, November 30, 2009

North Carolina Nov 29 2009

Received a call from Captain Mike of Liveline Charters on Friday that we have a window to fish on Sunday!
Sami, Igor and myself grabbed our stuff and left for NC.
After 10 hours of driving and a night sleep at a local hotel, we left the dock at a quarter to five.
It was chilly in the morning but the wind died down towards the afternoon.
Fishing was slow, but we had our fair share of different species and AJ's
Here are some of the highlights of the trip.
Enjoy the pictures.
WahooDouble AJ'sHog NoseSand Tile


  1. Wow! Nice Hoo Sami!!! Jigging NC will never get old :)

  2. Thanks guys :)
    When are we gonna make a trip together??

  3. Sadly, the soonest I can get back down to NC will be in April 2010... but I've already told Arlen to be ready for me cuz I'm gonna need some serious catchin' up to do!!

  4. Chip and I had to cancel the Friday before...NC is all about timing this time of year! -CV

  5. Yeap agree...
    nothing much you can do if the weather doesn't cooperate :P
    But when it does!! It is a whole lot of fun!!